At What Age Should You Get Married?

You may have noticed that our parents and grandparents got married at a much younger age. Are couples dragging their feet or are there other factors that effect the median age of marriage these days? Well to put it simply, times have changed and so have we. 

According to the recent U.S. Census records, women married at a median age of 20 in the 1950's while men married at 23. The median age for women today has risen to 27.1 and 29.1 for men. The National Bureau of Economic Research states that marrying later can be attributed to several factors. A few of these being couples living together before tying the knot, decreased number in "shotgun" weddings, and an increase in education. 

If you think about it everything has changed since the 50's, not just the median age for marriage. Women's roles in the workforce have definitely evolved, everyone is expected to go to college, if not grad school, and people are not afraid to move for their careers. I think all of these things play into what age couples feel comfortable getting married now. Allowing yourself to grow, experience things, and find yourself, in my opinion, is key.

Crazy to think how things have changed so drastically in the last 65 years!